Key information

High-precision wire mesh woven into the corporate history
History-proven, reliable technology
Yao kanaami's time-proven expertise in manufacturing precision wire mesh enables us to meet any needs of customers ranging from top-notch listed companies to privately owned companies. We maintain trusted quality control and cost management by carrying out all processes from the manufacture of wire mesh (Osaka Plant) to the manufacture of filters (disk type, framed type) (Aichi Plant) at our production facilities.
Our manufacturing capability covers a broad range including wire mesh for screen printing, Dutch-woven wire mesh with extremely small apertures to display products that require aesthetically sophisticated design, and baskets and filters for manufacturing, medical and food industries.

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Corporate profile

Name Yao Kanaami Co., Ltd
Established May, 1917
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Employees 12
Account holding bank Resona Bank
Affiliated company Aichi Filter Plant (Pastel Corporation)
Production facilities ・NS wire mesh weaving machines: 40-in 22 units, 48-in 10 units, 60-in 1 unit
・Warping machine: 2 units
・Semi-automatic reed inserting machine: 1 unit
・Mesh pressure measuring instrument (digimatic): 1 unit
・Wire diameter measuring instrument (laser-scanning micrometer): 1 unit
・Tensile tester (TG-1kN): 1 unit
・Digital HD microscope (VH-7000): 1 unit
・Universal projector (V12-B): 1 unit
・Type C press: 45-ton 2 units, 25-ton 1 unit
・Ultrasonic washer: Horn type 1 unit, bath type
・Filter dryer: 1 unit
・Spot welder 1 unit
Line of business ・Production and sale of wire mesh for industrial use filters, wire mesh for screen printing, and wire mesh for test sieves
・Production and sale of wire mesh filters
・Production and sale of baskets and wire mesh-processed products for manufacturing, medical and food industries
・Production and sale of wire mesh products for display purposes
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Name YAO KANAAMI CO., LTD. (Headquarters, plant)
Address 3-3-15, Atobe Kitano-cho, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture
TEL 072-992-2001
FAX 072-992-2002

Aichi Plant

Aichi Filter Plant

Name Aichi Filter Plant
Address 10-6, Kinoneda, Raikoji-cho, Chiryu City, Aichi Prefecture
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